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Episode 04

The continuous improvement mindset


Rob Bayley

Senior Product Manager, Auvik Networks Inc.

Episode Notes

The only way OKRs are going to work is if you’re continuously learning and improving them. It is important to create an evidence-based statistics culture from the top all the way down in an organization.

Rob Bayley is currently the senior product manager at Auvik Network Inc., he was previously the director of product at Roadmunk and a senior product manager at NetSuite. He has 10 years of experience in product management. He talks about the importance of setting workable objectives as a team and for the organization.

Listen in to learn why the agile method is popular when setting goals in product development. You will also learn about the focuses that lead to the success of products in the market and how it starts with the team.

“The more mental energy and emotion that somebody has invested in something the harder they take it when it doesn’t work out.” – Rob Bayley

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