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Episode 09

TACOS and OKRs: Values and Frameworks


Scott Shapiro

Principal Product Marketing Manager, B2B/Account Management Customer Experience at Qualtrics

Episode Notes

What are your organization’s principles? Did you have a unique approach when setting them up as a team? There is power in authenticity- growing your company culture from who you already are and accurately represent.

In this episode, Jenny speaks with Scott Shapiro, the current principal product marketing manager for B2B account management customer experience at Qualtrics. He has worked at Microsoft for five years in three different positions where he joined straight after University and took on a major marketing role right away.

He describes how Qualtrics was unexpectedly acquired by SAP a while back and how he and his team have worked to maintain their company culture and OKRs trying not to get swallowed up in the pool of SAP’s way of doing things.

Listen in to learn the importance of getting feedback, advice, and insights in new ways that are impactful and rewarding rather than using traditional survey ideas. You will also learn how COVID-19 has accelerated and uncovered issues that were not too far from the surface and not slowed things contrary to what many might like to believe.

“When you establish or try to put together clear goals, you can take input from other people more clearly, you can figure out a more ambiguous task in a much more concrete way.” – Scott Shapiro

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