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Episode 07

Sold: the journey from mediocrity to excellence


Dennis Gräf

Business Strategy Manager at Kolibri Games

Episode Notes

How about starting mediocre with OKRs and move up from there to a stronger space to prevent the worst from happening? It is important to understand that the process of learning OKRs is a never-ending one for both individuals in an organization and management.

In this episode, Jenny speaks with Dennis Graef, the business strategy manager at Kolibri Games, a mobile games company acquired by Ubisoft. It is one of the leaders of the idle games’ genre and one of their most popular games. Dennis explains that at Kolibri Games they believe in the people and adjusting their products to suit what they want, the best for their players’ experience, always learning, and offering trading value.

Listen in to learn why you’re likely to succeed with OKRs if you focus on the goals themselves and not the technical aspect of them. You will also learn how OKRs support showcasing each individual’s impact on the success of the business.

“If you’re spending on your goals themselves instead of the technical aspect then you’ll end up with much better goals in the end.” – Dennis Gräf

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