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Episode 26

Vessy Tasheva - On embedding D&I in business strategy


Vessy Tasheva

Founder, - Diversity & Inclusion and Mental Health Consultancy

Episode Notes

On this episode of Dreams with Deadlines, Jenny Herald interviews Vessy Tasheva, the founder of, a Diversity & Inclusion, and Mental Health consultancy. Vessy works with clients across Europe and North America, such as Soundcloud, Reward Gateway, and Typeform, to create a healthier and more inclusive purpose-driven culture. D&I is at the peak of its popularity; however, most D&I leaders don’t last long in their positions, and there are many misconceptions about why D&I should even be a priority. D&I is often folded into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but this infers a lack of urgency. D&I efforts shouldn’t be performative or done out of obligation; the baseline is that employees feel like they belong, are safe, and valued, so they have an equal chance to succeed, and, in turn, the business can thrive. How, then, can we embed D&I in business strategy?

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