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Episode 10

Jobs to be Done with Alan Klement, Part 1


Alan Klement

Owner of Revealed

Episode Notes

Are there benefits of improving a product when it still has a market and the pricing won’t change? What are the factors contributing to consumers adopting a new product and abandoning what they were using?

In this episode, Jenny speaks with Alan Klement as he dives deep into the topic of consumer needs and voices and how they affect their purchasing choices. Alan Klement is known for developing the theories of jobs to be done and market modernization and for inventing new methodologies and methods for engineering growth. Alan’s results include leading efforts to create award-winning products, increasing revenues by millions of dollars, bringing internal alignment through an entire organization, and stopping costly initiatives that would’ve wasted time and millions in R&D.

He is the owner of Revealed, a market research and growth guidance that helps organizations grow, align, and reveal market insights. He is the author of When Coffee and Kale Compete and is in the process of writing a follow-on book Jobs to be Done.

Listen in to learn why the dynamic consumer needs cannot be described and the importance of thinking beyond just product functionality because it’s not the only factor consumers consider when purchasing. You will also learn consumer voices and how to recognize where they come from as the producer.

“That’s the only time I always say growth strategy works, where incremental improvement on an existing product works.” – Alan Klement

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