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Episode 08

Balancing autonomy and alignment


Rohit Gupta

Head of Product at

Episode Notes

Have you ever thought of using the reverse recruitment model? This is a strategy where the recruiter hands all the power to the candidate.

In this episode, Jenny speaks with Rohit Gupta as he explains the reverse recruitment model that he prefers to use where he provides a space for the recruiter and the job candidate to have meaningful conversations. He is the head of product at Honeypot and leads the product management, product design, and a large part of the engineering teams. Honeypot is Europe’s developer-focused job platform.

Listen in to learn how to create a theme around an OKR and assign a team to take responsibility for achieving that particular objective. You will also learn how you can measure lagging metrics.

“When something moves numbers either really positively or negatively, that’s a good thing because you’re focusing on the right areas.” – Rohit Gupta

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