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Episode 6

A culture of ownership

Gene Hammett
Gene Hammett
Managing Director, Co-Founder and Coach to Fast-growth Companies at Core Elevation

Episode Notes

How to Be a Leader Not a Manager

Is it time for you to stop being a manager and become a leader for the benefit of your organization? You have to learn to own your role and become vulnerable to your team while showing confidence in them.

In this episode, we have Gene Hammett as he talks about the power of being a leader as compared to a manager. He is a leading expert on a high growth company called Train Leadership. He has decades of experience with more than 40 million in revenue for the companies he has led and owned. He has also interviewed more than 530 CEOs of high growth companies to understand the core principle of fast growth.

Listen in to learn why employees should come first to you and then together you can make the customer number one for the organization. You will also learn about having a routine as a leader and maintaining it during hard times plus communication.

“Let the team rise up, let them have the glory but if something is not working then you have the strength and confidence to say I take responsibility.” – Gene Hammett (36:34)

What You Will Learn in this Episode

  • (0:43) Intro
  • (2:32) Gene explains why he went into podcasting after years of listening to them
  • (3:50) How CEOs of growth companies have a pattern of trusting themselves and the decisions they make
  • (5:37) The importance of focusing on opportunities as a company even as COVID-19 changes the world completely
  • (11:09) Gene explains why his employees are the most important piece of his business as they help him navigate through hard times
  • (16:44) The power of ownership inside of a role that goes beyond accountability
  • (19:58) How to transition into an organization that includes employees in decisions they were never included in before while empowering their skills
  • (24:52) Leaders versus managers. Why you need leaders in your organization, not managers
  • (28:05) How to honor a routine and communicate on burning issues as a leader
  • (32:44) Learning how to show vulnerability as a leader and show confidence in your team

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