Making progress is a team effort

Distrust and uncertainty kill execution. Better decisions are made when high-performing teams work together to ensure nothing gets in the way of executing the mission.

Instill transparency and trust

Share the data on team efforts and overall company progress and create pathways for individuals to add value to the execution process.

Progress report

Quickly view OKR progress and effectiveness across the entire organization.

Confidence levels

Allow contributors to update their confidence in achieving their OKR and communicate what has changed.

Comments and reactions

Celebrate wins and contribute directly within Gtmhub by commenting and reacting to objectives, key results, and updates.

Validate effective collaboration

Focus on agreed-upon outcomes and monitor real-time progress to know what actions are moving the needle for the organization.

Key result updates

Manual and dynamic key results show the progress that's being made towards an outcome.

Project and task management

Link initiatives to OKRs to keep a status on which outputs are being done across teams to reach desired outcomes.

Timeline feed

Recognize achievements and opportunities for improvement with outcomes populated in real-time in the Feed.

Improve decision making

Use up-to-date information to provide rapid feedback on course corrections that ensure the achievement of strategic goals.

Data integrations

Connect your everyday tools and BI metrics to monitor from one place.

Dynamic KPIs

Take the manual labor out of updating metrics and ensure your KPIs change in near real-time.


Install out of the box dashboards or build your own to view current progress and identify potential issues.

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