Align everyone to one mission

No matter where your employees are or where you're at in the execution process, provide the tools to ensure the strategy, tactics, and measurements of success are clear.

Gtmhub Alignment

One home for strategy

Allow your entire organization to easily access your current metrics and strategic direction from one place anytime and anywhere.

Company OKRs

Create company OKRs and allow your entire organization to align to your strategic goals.

Alignment View

Visualize how every team and individual is contributing to one common mission.

Home dashboard

One central place to show each contributor what they're responsible for and what to focus on.

Focus on outcomes

Change hyperfocus on outputs by leveraging a system that puts everyone's focus on the metrics that matter and outcomes which highlight their contributions.

170+ integrations

Take the manual labor out of updating metrics by easily integrating your third-party tools.

KPI ownership

Allow teams or individual contributors to have ownership of improving assigned KPIs.

Custom Insightboards

Pull insights together that are driving the same outcome and have a single place to monitor progress.

Create connections

Break down walls and create true cross-team collaboration through co-ownership and collaboration on organizational imperatives.

Shared OKRs

Flexible OKR ownership that includes teams, teams and individuals, or individual contributors.

Cascading key results

Allow multiple teams or individuals to align to a single key result and contribute together towards the outcome.

Set dependencies

Link OKRs with projects, tasks, or other OKRs to show key dependencies on reaching that goal.

Strategy execution fit for your business

See how all the components work together

Featured resources for strategy execution

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