Correlate, analyze, understand

Uncover and inspect which contributing factors led to unexpected changes in your business metrics.

Investigate detected anomalies in full detail

Remediate using root cause analysis and accurately get to the bottom of the “why" before you even need to ask.

Root cause analysis

Automatically filter and diagnose key drivers that are responsible for unexpected changes in your business metrics.

Correlate for context

Overlay correlated anomalies across data sources for contextual root cause analysis.

Comprehensive breakdown

Review correlated incident reports based on time frame, data streams, and affected metrics. evolves with your business

Take advantage of AI/ML algorithms that continuously adapt, anticipate change, and increase forecasting accuracy with your organization in mind. 

Incident history

Draw insights and evaluate all incident patterns within an incident history page.

Follow & forecast

Understand the trajectory of your business through historical, current, and predictive data in one model.

Past activity

Compare the change of data points across time, within specific segments, and analyze top drivers impacting those data points to date.

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See how all the components work together

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