Remediate the disruption

Acting on an issue is as important as detecting the issue itself.

Empower teams to respond quickly without the chaos

Lots of alerts to lots of teams lead to longer response times and overwhelmed employees. Speed rectification and reduce unnecessary stress with smarter alerts. 

Grouped notifications

Decrease alert fatigue via grouped notifications based on time detected, parent-child relationships, and correlation.

Integrated alerts

Notify teams right in their existing workflows such as email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Team activity

Track team activity across incidents to see who responded, actions taken, and comments posted.

Outline processes and improve focus

Figure out what’s really a problem, and what can wait. Be proactive and align teams on how to prioritize issues before they even occur.

Escalation protocol

Create custom escalation policies for each data stream and assign who gets alerted.

Alert logic

Apply alert logic using directional or value-based anomaly thresholds.

Tailored alerts

Alert specific users or teams in a variety of notification channels.

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