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When executed well, OKRs inform every decision. To do that, they need to be in places where people tend to spend their time. Gtmhub integrates with Slack, Jira, Facebook Workplace, and hundreds of other systems so that your OKRs live side-by-side with and within your favorite apps. This means you can move beyond thinking OKRs software in isolation and move to an OKRs software that is truly productive, simple, and engaging.

Yes to automated progress updates

Say goodbye to manual updates. Gtmhub is the only OKRs software that can pull data from over 150 business systems and automatically update your OKRs. That means you can view progress in real-time, every time. Need a connector we don't offer off-the-shelf? No problem. Just send us an email and we'll get it up and running for you. Don't get bogged down in bureaucracy, work on what's important.

Improve productivity and engagement

Happy teams are productive teams. Gtmhub's People module supports collaborative, team-centric work on a platform that offers an engaging place to learn, align goals, manage performance, and support employee success. With features like recognition badges and 1on1 as well as 360 degrees feedback and conversations, Gtmhub encourages a culture of collaboration and recognition.

From more frequent feedback to the right feedback at the right time

Give and receive feedback when it matters most to your team. Every Gtmhub user can request or give feedback on an existing topic, or a topic of their choice. All feedback requests are stored in the user profile and are visible only to the individual, their manager, and the HR department. 1on1s and 360 degree feedback scheduling are enabled in Gtmhub too, so you can truly give and receive feedback with maximum impact.

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