Simple, no-nonsense, OKR solution.

Simpler than spreadsheets

Create objectives for the entire team and keep them in one place.

Drive purpose through alignment

Achieve the OKR promise of purpose by creating a hierarchy of objectives.

Never forget a check-in

Add key results with ease. Percentages, yes/no, numbers... - we support them all. We'll even remind you to check-in.

Coach & manage your team

Every objective has a timeline. Cheer your colleagues or give feedback.

Learn from the past and plan ahead

Organize objectives in planning sessions. See what could have been done better last quarter. Start planning for the next quarter ahead of time.

OKR Aggregator's best friend

Keep up with best practices by limiting the number of objectives and key results. See the big picture with the planning sessions dashboard.

OKRs on the go

Manage your objectives with Gtmhub mobile app for iOS.

Serious about OKRs?

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