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  • Enterprise security, support, and deployment options
  • Customer Success, custom development, and consulting
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Pure OKR Experience
  • Create and manage OKRs
  • OKR Ownership - team or individual
  • Methodology settings
Gtmhub has been designed from the ground-up as an OKR platform, making it easy for everyone to adopt OKRs and follow best practices. Gtmhub's uncompromising focus on OKRs makes it easy to use and adaptable to how you want to manage OKRs across your organization
Learn how to use OKRs
  • How-to Videos
  • Online user guides
A rich library of videos and online materials allowing you to learn everything required to become a proficient OKRs practitioner and Gtmhub user.
OKR Marketplace Find OKR examples for any function in our OKR Marketplace. Get inspired, learn by example and turbo-charge adoption of OKRs in your organization. Later on, submit OKRs to the marketplace that your team can use.
Mobile apps (iOS & Android) Take your OKRs with you. The Gtmhub companion mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to quickly track progress and update OKRs on the go.
Alignment & Planning Sessions
  • OKR Sessions Key result linking
  • Align Quarterly and Anual OKRs
  • Create deadlines
Organize OKRs the way it makes sense for your organization. Visually understand how tactical OKRs, usually planned in quarters contribute to strategic, annual OKRs. Set configurable deadlines for Key Results to enable mid-session deadlines and provide greater flexibility.
Manage Tags Manage OKR sessions more efficiently by tagging objectives using self-generated, free form text tags to easily categorize OKRs. Build up a taxonomy of tags in your own proprietary tag library. Users are prompted to reuse tags from the library based on auto-complete.
Private OKRs While OKRs are all about transparency, some OKRs are better kept private between a person and their manager. Gtmhub allows for this with private OKRs.
Task Management
  • Kanban board
  • Link tasks to OKRs
Objectives are what you want to achieve. Key Results are how you are going to measure it. Tasks are what are you going to do about it. Gtmhub comes with full-fledged task management to help you and your team achieve your objectives.
Manage OKR Updates
  • Automated KR Reminders
  • Comments
Avoid ‘set it and forget it’ syndrome and ensure regular OKR updates by setting automatic reminders for Objective owners to update their Key Results. Automated Reminders can be triggered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
Alignment View View all objectives and key results in varying levels of detail, as well as expand and collapse branches to visualize the complexity (and structure) of your team with ease. Privacy settings ensure that only the people in your team who need to view OKRs can access them.
User & Role Management Invite users and assign them to built-in or custom user roles. Roles allow you to assign permissions to a group of people and easily manage access to features and information within Gtmhub.
Email Support Gtmhub offers ticketing based email support for self-service plans.
Custom OKR Fields Make the OKR process fit your organization with custom fields for Objectives, Key Results, and Updates. Add information specific to your teams such as objective priority or a note about risks during OKR updates.
Timeline Management & Audit Stay updated with the most important updates to your OKRs activity and maintain an audit trail of changes (and who made the change). All changes are logged and displayed along a timeline which can be easily reviewed in real-time.
Bulk Actions Easily clone, copy, move, tag or assign multiple OKRs at once.
View OKRs in Jira If you are a developer or product manager, chances are that your tasks are in Jira. Gtmhub makes it easy to attach your Jira issues to OKRs directly through the Jira plugin.
Messaging integrations
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
Manage your OKRs without ever leaving Slack. View, share and update your OKRs directly inside MS Teams. Easily collaborate with your teammates and instantaneously align on your goals, tasks, and results in real-time.
Dynamic Key Results OKRs lose power in a ‘set it and forget it’ environment. Dynamic Key Results help to bridge the gap between your strategic KPIs and the execution of OKRs. Automated updates enable you to view progress and business health in real-time. Plus, automation means you spend less time OKR-ing and escape the drudgery of manual Key Result updates.
Insights and Reporting
  • Insightboards
  • Performance, Process & Delta Reports
  • Session statistics
Select and present your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Metrics, Targets and other data in beautiful Insightboards. Set permissions to provide access to the right audience. Select metrics to use for Dynamic Key Results. Broadcast Insightboards to dedicated in-room screens for easy communication.

With Performance Reports, you get a full picture of the performance of your organization. Identify OKRs, teams, individuals or initiatives that either need help or are doing exceptionally well.
Export to Excel Users may export current Planning Session OKRs to Excel to share OKRs with users outside of Gtmhub.
KPIs Track and measure the performance of every part of your organization. Create dynamic and customizable real-time dashboards to view what matters most with the help of our 150+ data and connectors. Align your performance data with your business strategy through OKRs and KPIs on Gtmhub.
3rd Party Integrations Bridge the gap between Strategy & Execution by monitoring KR progress. Gtmhub connects with more than 150 3rd party software tools to enable Dynamic Key Results and real-time monitoring of business success Limited
Jira + Gtmhub Integration Gtmhub connects with Jira so that key metrics (velocity, backlog reduction, bug fixes, etc.) and even issues or individual tasking can be linked and automatically updated for regular monitoring within Dynamic Key Results, enabling real-time review of business progress.
OKR Approval Workflow Enables draft, review and approval stages for OKR creation to allow managerial oversight and improve OKR participation. It also includes a specific Insights dashboard that allows managers, executives and OKR champions to evaluate the actual conduit of approvals and alignment, as well as delineating the average speed for OKR approval within your organization.
Robotic Process Automation Save time and control the OKR process by automating everything. Build your own automation workflows, or activate one from our ready-made selection.(ITTT)
API Access Gtmhub provides a fully exposed REST API with endpoints that cover all aspects of Gtmhub. Create scalable automation workflows, manage and analyze all of your Gtmhub data, and connect Gtmhub to other tools through Zapier.
Zapier Integration Our Zapier integration makes it even easier to take your automation workflows to the next level. Connect Gtmhub with other web applications through Zapier to create efficient and powerful workflows that trigger any Gtmhub automation created in your account in just a few clicks.
SSO Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your provisioning process with Gtmhub and SSO. Gtmhub supports Office 365, Azure AD, GSuite, and other SAML providers
Enhanced User Provisioning and Management Create and manage users throughout your organization, govern access to your Gtmhub instance, import your team structure and organization chart, and synchronize data automatically over time Available
Enhanced Support and Security Gtmhub offers 24/7 real-time customer support via phone, email, and chat with guaranteed ceilings of no more than 1 hour response times and 4 hour resolution times for critical issues. Additionally, our enhanced security options include support for two-factor authentication, customized identification management, and optional dedicated encryption keys Available
On-premise Deployment For organizations that wish to bring the hosting of Gtmhub in-house, we can offer deployment to a physical on-premise or private cloud environment. Available
Custom Development & Consulting Gtmhub offers hourly packages to customers that may include: deployment, integration setup, custom data connector development, managed on-premise solutions and OKR coaching and consulting. Enterprise-level deployments include Custom Development & Consulting packages. Available
Customer Success Gtmhub’s Customer Success team is available to ensure successful deployment and ongoing usage of our platform, as well as advice on effective OKR implementation practices. Customer Success is also standard as part of any Enterprise level deployment. Available
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Common questions

What are the limitations of the START plan?

START and Scale plans have no limitations on the number of users, OKRs or tasks. They simply do not include advanced features usually needed by enterprises.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial lasts for 7-days and can be extended when necessary.

What payment methods do you accept?

For the START and Scale plans, we accept all major cards and PayPal. For the Enterprise plan, in addition to cards and PayPal, we also accept bank wires and checks.

What are the limitations of the Scale plan?

Similar to START, Scale does not have any limitations on the number of users, OKRs, or tasks. More features such as integrations and reporting are available, however, there are limitations on advanced features and integrations that are usually needed by enterprises.

Can I add more users later?

Sure, you can sign up with as little as one user. You can invite users later and the costs will be pro-rated.