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Christian Jacob

Christian introduces and supports agile methods such as OKR, Scrum, design thinking, etc. internally, as an Agile Coach and accredited OKR-Master, and to support clients externally in moving towards digitalisation as a coach and consultant. Among other things, Christian and Patrick have developed the world’s first accreditation as OKR Coach (“OKR Master”). In his work as an Agile Coach, Christian looks after companies by providing implementation support, management coaching and management consulting. He also features regularly as a speaker at national and international conferences, publish specialist books and specialist articles and training videos on agile topics. LinkedIn or Edeka are just two of many happy OKR customers from Patrick and Christian.
OKR (“Objectives & Key Results”) ist ein Rahmenwerk (“Framework”) für agile Zielvereinbarungen und “Digital Leadership”. Zentraler Bestandteil des Rahmenwerks sind dabei die konkreten, operativen Themen, die ein Mitarbeiter oder ein Team erledigen kann, um einen Unternehmen wirklich zu helfen, seine strategischen Ziele zu erreichen. Amazon-ordernow

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