Gtmhub has teamed up with exceptional businesses and individuals to deliver success to its customers.

Prime Holding,
exclusive integration partner

Prime Holding helps customers prepare their data, connect data sources, build custom insights and InsightBoards and get data out of Gtmhub into existing business systems.

We have constantly been surprised with the novel ways in which we saw Prime Holding using Gtmhub. Constantly pushing the platform to its limits, digitizing all the different functions and driving performance across the board. All of this is of little surprise once we’ve realized just what kind of talent Prime Holding has at its disposal.
Ivan Osmak,
CEO, Gtmhub

How can Prime Holding help

  • Data preparation

    Data is at the heart of Gtmhub. We can help you consolidate your data, clean it up and safely expose it to Gtmhub platform.

  • Data source integrations

    Gtmhub connects to over 95 different business systems and data sources. We can configure authentication mechanisms; firewall rules and sync schedules for you. Our data scientists can also suggest well defined data models for you to explore.

  • Data source integrations

    Building custom insights, metrics and KPIs to be used as dynamic key results within Gtmhub. We can deliver algorithms in your choice of language: SQL or R. In addition to this, we also provide visualizations and charting of those custom insights.

  • Custom InsightBoards

    Delivering the immediate value to all the stakeholders through real-time, ready-to-use KPIs, metrics and charts. Applying the best practices and our experience to organize data for every single stakeholder.

  • Integrating Gtmhub into your business processes

    Getting data and insights out of Gtmhub and into your existing business systems. Sample integrations include getting OKRs performance data into your HR and CRM systems, insights and metrics into decision making systems, or company activities into Slack.

About Prime Holding

Prime Holding is a premium provider of IT services. With over 250 IT professionals, including software developers, architects, designers, UX specialists, data scientists and mathematicians it has helped hundreds of businesses over the past 17 years.

Learn more about Prime Holding:

We’ve been one of the early clients of Gtmhub and very soon we’ve realized the endless potential of the platform. During this time, we’ve built up an enviable amount of expertise around Gtmhub platform and saw it as a natural next step to help other businesses do the same.
Georgi Sokolov
CTO, Prime Holding

OKR consultants


Christian Jacob

+Pluswerk AG

Christian Jacob is author, trainer, OKR-Master and Agile Coach. He deals with topics such as OKR, Management 3.0 and other agile management methods. In numerous coaching, introductions and training courses on "OKR" he demonstrated his expertise.


Riaz Kanani

Connected Paths

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Currently Interim CMO to a 'challenger bank' and previously Interim CMO to Property Partner (where I have also served as COO).


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San Diego

Paul Niven is an author, consultant, and noted speaker on the subjects of OKRs, strategy, and strategy execution. He delivers keynote addresses at conference events around the world and has published in a number of respected journals.