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Connect Jira issues with business goals

Jira helps teams be productive and ship software early and often. Gtmhub and OKRs help you be effective and deliver the right software that helps your company achieve its business goals.

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Align Jira tasks with business goals

Access OKRs from Jira

Enable collaboration between developers and business owners. Developers can work with Gtmhub OKRs directly from Jira, linking issues to existing OKRs and tracking the progress of business goals.

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Gtmhub OKRs Jira Plugin

OKRs for software teams

Make your team even more agile by setting OKRs on Jira metrics. Improve velocity, reduce the backlog, or fix customer bugs faster. With Gtmhub, you can integrate Jira metrics directly with your engineering OKRs.

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OKRs for software development teams

Measure anything. Really.

Gtmhub can connect to Jira and let you measure anything as part of your OKRs. Use built-in SQL and R editors to analyze and automatically track anything, including issues, sprints, releases, people...

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Build custom key results from Jira

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