Website conversion rate

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Web Analytics

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Pipedrive Google analytics

Website conversion rate shows you the percentage of your website's visitors who perform specific action. The "visitors" could be specific cohort - new visitors, unique visitors, returning visitors etc. The "specific action" could be buying a product, signing-up for a demo or trial, register etc.

Simple formula

Conversion rate = (Number of times a desired action is performed / Number of visits) * 100

Generic Gtmhub algorithm

# Getting the number of users
analytics_data <- entity("analytics_data")
number_of_users <- summarise(analytics_data,
    users = sum(users)
# Retrieve findings from DB
number_of_users <- collect(number_of_users)

# Getting the number of deals
deals <- entity("crm_deals")
number_of_deals <- summarise(deals,
    count = n()
# Retrieve findings from DB
number_of_deals <- collect(number_of_deals)

# Doing the final calculation for conversion rate
dealsCount <- number_of_deals$count
conversionRate <- (dealsCount / number_of_users$users) * 100

# Output the findings
out (
    users = number_of_users$users),
    dealsCount = dealsCount,
    conversionRate = conversionRate