Metrics database. The right KRs per department or data source.


Total amount of deals in progress in your sales pipeline.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Predictable income of a company for each month

Customer Acquisition Cost

Measures the cost of getting a new customer.

Website conversion rate

Shows you the percentage of your website's visitors who perform specific action.

Completion rate

The completion rate shows the percentage of users who successfully complete a given task.

Task completion time (UX)

Fundamental metric that shows the average time that your users need to complete a given task.

Customer Lifetime Value

How much a customer worth to your business.

Return on Investment

The return on an investment relative to the investment made.

Average task completion time

Shows how much time it takes to a team or individual to complete a task.


Average amount of work an agile team can complete during a period of time

Net Promoter Score

Measures the loyalty that exists between a provider and a consumer

Employee retention

Ability of an organization to retain its employees for given period of time.

Technical Debt

The known problems and issues delivered at the end of the development period.

Unique visitors

People that visited your website regardless of the number of times they did it.

Bounce rate

The percentage of single-page sessions

Brand awareness

The extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise a brand.

First Response Time

How much time it takes the support team to get back to a customer’s first request.

Time to resolution

Average time to resolve a case

Replies Per Ticket

Average number of replies per ticket / case.

Abandonment Rate

Number of times customer abandon the chat or the support session / case.

Number of tickets per client

Average number of tickets/cases per client.

Resolution rate

Resolved cases relative to the total number of tickets

Assign Time

Average time between posting ticket to assigning it.

Cost Per Hire

The average cost per hired employee.

Revenue Per Employee

How much each one of your employees is actually earning for the company.

Absence Rate

Measures how many days average the employees are missing.

Benefit cost

How much costs for the company the benefits package per employee

Average Tenure

Average time an employee being with the company

Time to fill

Average time it takes from announcing open position to hire an employee for it

Yield ratio

Percentage of applicants that make it to the next stage of the selection process

Offer Acceptance Rate

Measures how often does the preferred candidate accept the position

Profit per Employee

How much profit it is being generated average per employee