Get your team up and running in no time with SSO.

Gtmhub Single Sign-On (SSO) enables users to sign in to a user portal with their existing corporate credentials and access all of their assigned accounts and applications from one place.

SSO Supported

  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • GSuite
  • Okta (on request)
  • ADFS (on request)
  • PingFederate (on request)
  • Active Directory/LDAP (on request)
  • Any standards compliant SAMLP Identity Provider (on request)

Gtmhub Technical Support Services

From connecting internal databases to building new data connectors to creating a truly customized OKRs experience, it's all possible with Gtmhub. Click below to learn more about how Gtmhub's Technical Support Services can help you manage your OKRs at expert level.

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