Podio + Gtmhub Integration For KPI and OKR Automation.

Gtmhub's Podio integration can automatically update the progress of your KPIs and OKRs feeding from Podio, which means you can view progress in real-time, every time.

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How it works

Accessing Your Key Data

Gtmhub links directly to Podio and gathers key data points relevant to your OKRs.

Identify and Link Your KPIs

Once you've linked Podio, create your Insightboards with prepackaged metrics from the Marketplace or create your own and link them directly to KPIs or Key Results.

Dynamic OKR Progress Monitoring

With your key metrics linked, Gtmhub automatically updates your KPIs and OKRs in real-time. You can see progress and identify any areas that need attention.

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How to install

Learn how to connect Podio to your Gtmhub OKRs.