Pipedrive + Gtmhub Integration. KPI and OKR Automation.

Gtmhub links directly to your Pipedrive data for metric driven OKRs, including sharper organizational focus, stronger alignment, and easy progress tracking.

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How it works

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Accessing Your Key Data

Gtmhub links directly to Pipedrive and gathers key data points relevant to your OKRs.

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Identify and Link Your KPIs

Once you've linked Pipedrive, create your Insightboards with prepackaged metrics from the Marketplace or create your own and link them directly to KPIs or Key Results.

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Dynamic OKR Progress Monitoring

With your key metrics linked, Gtmhub automatically updates your KPIs and OKRs in real-time. You can see progress and identify any areas that need attention.

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Insights available in the Marketplace

Pipedrive bookings
Bookings in the Pipedrive CRM
Sales Velocity
Calculation: Win rate * Average Amount * Number of open Deals / Average Days to Close deals for the past 120 days.
Deals Win Ratio
The ratio between won vs all closed deals for a selected time period.
Number of Open Deals
Total count of deals in any stage different than closed won or lost, created within a selected time period.
Average Activities per Won Deal
Average number of activities per deal won within a selected time period.
New Deals Count
Total number of deals created within a selected time period.
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How to install

Learn how to connect Pipedrive to your Gtmhub OKRs.