Gtmhub API

Use Gtmhub's fully exposed REST API to integrate with existing business intelligence tools. Create a data driven OKR environment for stronger focus & alignment.

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Gtmhub Technical Services can build in an exposed instance of any particular data source from the organization’s Gtmhub instance into a personalized dashboard or widget, to be displayed within an existing system.

Finally, the Gtmhub API can be used to build a fully personalized and company branded mobile application for use by executives and team members to keep track of company OKR progress as well as collaborate on achievements and recognize team members with badges of recognition.

Gtmhub Technical Support Services

From connecting internal databases to building new data connectors to creating a truly customized OKRs experience, it's all possible with Gtmhub. Click below to learn more about how Gtmhub's Technical Support Services can help you manage your OKRs at expert level.

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