A world of data insight with Insightboards

When you take out a Scale, Summit or Enterprise subscription, you gain free access to a host of actionable dashboards.

Report. Track. Act.

The benefits of Insightboards

Built in partnership with award-winning enterprises, our dashboards will give you the right data for better decision-making.

Our boards provide:

Real-time insights into company, team, and individual performance

An overview of OKR engagement and drilldowns into the causes for high or low commitment

Time back from building them yourself, to focus on strategy and execution

Integrated nudge, push and bulk actions to enable quick analysis and resolution

Data integrations to create a single source of truth for Enterprise subscription clients


Do I need to be an existing customer to get Insightboards?

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Yes, you will need to have an existing Scale, Summit or Enterprise subscription in order to access the catalog of Insightboards. For Insightboards which require integrations, these are available only for Enterprise. To find out more about a Gtmhub subscription, schedule a chat with one of our team who will be more than happy to help.

What are Insightboards?

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Insightboards are your single source of truth for OKR and business performance. These dashboards can either be pre-built, as with the catalog of insightboards, built from existing components with insights, or can be created entirely from scratch within your Gtmhub account.

Who are Insightsboards for?

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For any and every role which benefits from having the right, most recent and complete data to hand. Examples of use cases include; IT Managers using reports to manage the right permissions for access, for team leads ensuring that all members are regularly updating OKRs or Executives in deciding what the priorities will be for the next quarter.

Whether its for decision-making, gathering intelligence or hitting critical KPIs, insightboards are your guiding star.

What are the benefits of Insightboards?

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There are many ways in which Insightboards can really benefit your business. Insightboards will:

  • Provide realtime insights into performance at every level of your business
  • Enable managers and executives to make strategy adjustments using accurate data
  • Give you control over how your data should look and to what depth it needs to be represented
  • Facilitate actions within the dashboard itself, such as bulk deletions or drafting OKRs
  • Allow segmentation of data by any number of filters and sorts
  • And many more

Do I need to use pre-built insightboards?

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No. If you do not wish to download pre-built insightboards, there is the option to build from existing components with insights, or to create entirely from scratch within your Gtmhub account. Alternatively, if you have an Enterprise package, speak to your Customer Success Manager about custom requirements.

Like what you see?

Email us and we can set this up in your account, or help you build the custom Insightboard of your dreams.