There is a reason why we call it a platform

Fully exposed API, hundreds of connectors, web hooks, custom code... your imagination is the only limit.

Fully exposed API

The fully exposed REST API allows you to build applications using data from Gtmhub. One can easily imagine pulling OKRs into HR or ERP systems, connecting attainment data with your BI tools likeTableau or PowerBI.

Insight editors

Gtmhub can connect to over 100 business systems and data stores. Anything from Salesforce or Jira, to Redshift or MongoDB - even Google Sheets! While Gtmhub comes with hundreds of predefined insights, metrics and KPIs - it also allows you write your own using either SQL or R.

Web hooks

With webhooks, you can write code which will get executed when something in Gtmhub happens. Those events include creation of new objective, update of a key result, comment...

Push the envelop with Gtmhub!