ESG Strategy Whitepaper

Create Meaningful and Measurable Results in Sustainability

ESG strategy
Turn Trends and Challenges into Opportunities
Deliver Results on ESG Commitments
Solve Critical Challenges of ESG Incorporation

In this white paper, we’ll explore:

Why is ESG (Environment Social and Governance) more important than ever?

The environmental crisis is mission-critical. Social accountability is at an all-time high. People continue to demand greater transparency and improved standards in governance.

What are the ESG trends?

From growing corporate dedication and capital investment in ESG structure to international political strategy and regulations, ESG is trending in one direction: upward.

ESG challenges, implementation and opportunities

Financial, social, and regulatory pressures are driving ESG initiatives. Organizations must determine if short-term sacrifice is worth the upside and how to deliver on ESG promises.

ESG initiatives: How to align multiple stakeholders towards common goals?

ESG goals must be connected across departments and teams to strategic outcomes. This connection requires the right framework for top-down, bottom-up, and lateral alignment: OKRs.

About the author

Laszlo Kismarton

CEO and co-founder at OKR Advisors

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