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High-performing companies have found ways to enrich the employee experience, leading to purposeful, productive, and meaningful work. Use Gtmhub's alignment, transparency, collaboration, and recognition features to make this a reality for your team. You can easily schedule 1on1s and solicit and receive feedback. Most importantly, managers can easily view the progress of an individual, with all feedback and recognition given and received, and their historic and actual progress to goal achievement.

Build a culture of recognition

Imagine what you can achieve if you create extraordinary moments – both big and small – for and with your team each day. With 10 Gtmhub badges, and the option to create an unlimited number of your very own, you can encourage - and fully personalize - how your team support, encourage, and recognize one another's achievements. Badges awarded and received are stored in each individual profile, and can be set to send a team-wide notification.

Improve productivity and engagement

Happy teams are productive teams. Gtmhub's People module supports collaborative, team-centric work on a platform that offers an engaging place to learn, align goals, manage performance, and support employee success. With features like recognition badges and 1on1 as well as 360 degrees feedback and conversations, Gtmhub encourages a culture of collaboration and recognition.

Move from more frequent feedback to the right feedback at the right time

Give and receive feedback when it matters most to your team. Every Gtmhub user can request or give feedback on an existing topic, or a topic of their choice. All feedback requests are stored in the user profile and are visible only to the individual, their manager, and the HR department. 1on1s and 360 degree feedback scheduling are enabled in Gtmhub too, so you can truly give and receive feedback with maximum impact.

Be aligned.
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