Distilled experience from some of the best companies out there The Ultimate OKRs Playbook

You’ve heard about OKRs and want to know more. We have helped dozens of high-growth companies implement them. Here, we tell you what we’ve learned.

  • Best practices

    Don’t waste time on trial and error. Use best practices from the companies that did it well.

  • OKRs adoption checklist

    Make sure you don’t miss anything with the included OKRs adoption checklist.

  • Common mistakes

    Don’t get trapped by common mistakes. We’ve listed the ones that tend to creep up in the beginning.

  • Onboard people

    Learn which people you will need to start and how to get them onboard.

  • OKRs templates

    OKRs templates for company, sales, marketing, product… to give you some inspiration.

  • Focus & engagement

    See how to keep your team focused and engaged in a long run.

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