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Employee Experience & OKRs

Free ebook on how the world’s most successful companies are outperforming the competition, and practical tips on how you can too.

Read about the incredible results organizations are achieving as they optimize for Employee Experience (EX) using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) method to drive performance, employee happiness, and win the war for talent.

The ‘go-to’ reference for great leaders everywhere.

The world’s best companies understand the impact of EX on their bottom line. We’ve distilled the latest thinking along with practical tips on how to put theory into practice.

Learn about why EX is the most important evolution in organizational management in the last decade.
Understand exactly how OKRs support and enhance EX and why that matters.
Read about the latest thinking on how organizations are winning the war for talent.
Make the connection between employee happiness, management approaches, and your organization’s bottom line.
Anticipate the impact of implementing OKRs on your organizational leaders to ensure success.
Be prepared for the impact of aligning organizational strategy with execution as effectively as the best companies in the world.
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