Visualizing Insights

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Gtmhub provides users with a simple and intuitive way to visualize business critical insights. To see your business from different perspectives, insights can be organized in InsightBoards.


How to create a new InsightBoard

Creating new InsightBoards is effortless in Gtmhub.

  • Login to Gtmhub
  • Click on the Create an InsightBoard button
  • Enter the name of the InsightBoard. This can be anything that makes sense for you and your team
  • Enter the hashtag for your InsightBoard - this is used to uniquely identify an InsightBoard in the account. Hashtag has to start with a letter, contain only letters, numbers, underscores and dashes and has to be unique in the account.
  • Click on the Create my InsightBoard button

Designing an InsightBoard

You can easily add, remove, resize and reorder Insights in the InsightBoard. This is best illustrated with a short video.