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Gtmhub provides your organization with a way to set goals and associated metrics that are used to evaluate has the goal been reached. In addition to this, goal can be aligned with other goals, making it easy to establish dependencies and see the big picture.

How to create a new goal

In order to create a new goal, follow these steps:

  • Login to Gtmhub application
  • Navigate to Goals tab
  • Click on the Create a Goal button
  • In the dialog that appears:
    • Set the name of the goal to something you'd like to achieve. This should be qualitative statement, such as "Increase new sales".
    • Write the description of the goal. This is usually the reason why you'd like to achieve this goal, notes on how are you planning to do it and so on.
    • Select the goal owner. This is a person (Gtmhub user) that is responsible for this goal.
    • If you are creating this goal in order to support an other goal, select the goal with which you wish to align your goal
    • Finally, select the timeframe in which you hope to accomplish the goal.
  • Click on the Save Goal button

Adding metrics to your goal

Once you have created a goal, you can add any number of metrics that are used to define the goal success.

In order to add metrics to a goal, follow these steps:

  • Login to Gtmhub application
  • Navigate to InsightsBoard tab
  • Browse the InsightBoards and find the metric you want to use as measuring stick for your goal
  • Hover over the metric and click on the Add this metric to a goal button
  • From the goal selector, choose a goal to which you want to add the metric
  • If you want to increase the metric, choose At least and set the desired value; otherwise choose At most and again set the desired value
  • Click on the Save Goal button
  • You can add more than one metric to a goal, so repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the definition of your goal

You can see the above in action in this short video:


How to align goals

One of the key problems Gtmhub solves is aligning the various goals of an organization. Gtmhub allows you to easily see how the goals of different divisions, teams and people align with company goals. It also makes it easy to find potential problems before they appear.

With Gtmhub you can quickly glance goals in following ways:

  • List of all goals
  • Tree view of goals, showing how goals align with each other
  • Filter goals by position. Show only top-level company goals or all goals.
  • Filter goals by time. Show current, future and past goals.
  • Filter goals by owner. You can show all goals or goals belonging to one or more people.

Again, the best way to demonstrate these features is with a quick video.