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Being in the loop is often hard, especially when many things are happening at the same time. Tag colleagues or entire teams in your conversations and make sure they take notice. Discuss your team's progress, obstacles, and ideas directly in Gtmhub. With comments, mentions, reactions, and full emoji support, your whole team can collaborate on their objectives and key results in situ. The Announcements feature allows you to announce important events to the whole company, or a particular team.

Build a culture of recognition

Imagine what you can achieve if you create extraordinary moments – both big and small – for and with your team each day. With 10 Gtmhub badges, and the option to create an unlimited number of your very own, you can encourage - and fully personalize - how your team support, encourage, and recognize one another's achievements. Badges awarded and received are stored in each individual profile, and can be set to send a team-wide notification.

Discuss anything and encourage collaboration

Gtmhub allows you to discuss objectives, offer help with obstacles, give feedback to teams and colleagues. All of this, right where it matters. And if you are finding that you have too many places where discussions take place, you can integrate Gtmhub with Slack or Workplace by Facebook with a single click.

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