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Gtmhub's approach to the OKR methodology has allowed us to capitalize on our culture and achieve more.
Audrey BricoutFIC Business Manager at Société Générale

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Francis Ferrand
Interim Manager - Transformation and Management
"OKR is definitely a smart and agile solution for us to monitor and pilot business objectives and, partially, individual objectives too. Gtmhub always asks the right questions and brings to the table simple and efficient solutions that match our needs."
Mathieu Mazuel
Global Sport Communication Manager
"We have been using OKRs and Gtmhub for 2 years and it changed the game. The Gtmhub team helped Petzl with setting up and optimizing the right OKRs to maximize our marketing impact according to solid objectives. The customer service is very reactive and always ready to solve problems."
Joe Sanchez
International Sales Director
"The Gtmhub software is intuitive and logical. The Customer Success team is reactive and helpful not only to me as the OKR Champion but also to the entire company if anyone has a question. Gtmhub is clearly committed to continuous improvement, as they listen to the clients and users and make changes whenever it makes sense. In the first 6 months alone, Gtmhub accepted 4 change suggestions from Thomas International."
Markus Kieslich
Head of Marketing
"Gtmhub does not just offer an intuitive solution that can be easily adapted to our OKR approach, they really care about us and provide outstanding support."
Lisa Fitch
Lisa Fitch
Business Operations Lead
"Gtmhub is the most flexible, data-driven solution for managing OKRs. Our partners on the customer success and product teams combined with the tool’s data integrations and customizable insights translate to winning solutions. By scaling Gtmhub internally, our teams have benefited from increased transparency, alignment, and collaboration helping us crush our goal of transforming the advertising industry."
Anzhelina Stefanova
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary Board of Directors
"Gtmhub is a bright company giving lots of value to the companies who are willing to make an effort in their effective and efficient growth. The tool requires thinking outside-of-the-box and maturity, resulting in focused progress, internal transparency, and engagement among the different departments. Gtmhub brings out the best in its customers."
Matthijs Welle
"We have been working with Gtmhub for 2 OKR cycles and it positively changed the adoption of OKRs throughout our organization. Initially, we struggled with the rollout of OKRs and the management of workflows on an Excel sheet but once we found Gtmhub, it was love at first sight."
Sonia Contero
Product Owner
"The Gtmhub tool combines several factors that were essential for us: facilitates alignment; it helps us put focus; it allows a multitude of integrations and automation, and it has specific spaces to reflect the monitoring of Conversations, Feedback and Recognition (CFRs). In addition to their functionalities, they have extraordinary support and after-sales service, carrying out all the support and training that we demand."



Gtmhub helped Plastchim-T improve production efficiency and increase profits.

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Maths Pathway

Gtmhub made Maths Pathway’s process of tracking and checking-in multiple OKRs much easier as they were scaling.

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Gtmhub enabled Goodlord to track dozens of performance metrics in real-time across every function.

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Gtmhub was Spotahome’s perfect solution for integrating all business systems and updating OKRs automatically.

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Photon Group

Gtmhub helped Photon Group improve companywide alignment, transparency, and clarity.

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Gtmhub gave the clarity and structure across BaseKit’s entire business.

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