“Gtmhub is the only product that links BI with OKRs!”

Spotahome is the first platform designed for direct booking of accommodation of more than one month, taking away one of the biggest headaches for people planning to move abroad.

Bryan McEire

CTO, Spotahome
I come from a Business Intelligence Infrastructure and Services background in big companies, where they drag huge technical debt and very complex infrastructure that requires massive engineering force to create systems that help them drive their critical business decisions. After my experience in those systems and seeing what Gtmhub is capable of, I can honestly affirm that Gtmhub is a game changer. It brings all the power of much more complex and expensive systems to the cloud, in a fast, reliable and secure way, making it more accessible for smaller companies with huge growth trends. All this, along with the OKR management dimension, makes this product to be a key asset for any company with a data-driven mindset. The team is composed of authentic rockstars with both an impressive technical foundation and entrepreneurial mindset. If I had the chance, I would have no doubt in joining the venture.

The problem

Spotahome recently raised additional funding, and with new investors came increased performance expectations. At the same time, the number of employees doubled in 6 months. Finally, the company were struggling to generate insights from its operations due to the complexity and disparate nature of the underlying data. As a result, performance became an even greater challenge, and employees were not aligned with each other or with a common goal.

The solution

Spotahome decided to implement OKRs as "the best modern and proven goal-alignment system in the world". They started by implementing basic OKR templates in a spreadsheet, which quickly turned into a nightmare of manual, unproductive, and (it turned out) unnecessary work. By integrating all the business systems and updating OKRs automatically, Gtmhub was the perfect solution. "It was no-brainer for me, Gtmhub is the only product out there that links OKRs and BI" says Alejandro.

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