Photon Group and Gtmhub

Photon is a fast-growing, health and wellness business based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company has successfully developed, launched and grown three brands, Slim 360, for slimming supplements, Iridium Labs, for fitness supplements, and Veeva, for nutricosmetics. The company is preparing to launch its fourth brand, Ever Man, for health and beauty products for the modern man.

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Bruno Ahualli
CEO and big dreamer at Photon Group

Fast Growth, Misalignment, Lack of Transparency

Photon has is a fast growing business, with operations spanning across multiple brands, channels and geographies. Although results were impressive, CEO, Bruno Ahualli also recognized that the rapidly expanding organization was struggling to stay aligned and focused on the top priorities, which would change from quarter to quarter. With a clear mission to rethink the health, fitness and wellness market, and strong values, Photon employees are committed, competent and were achieving great results by conventional standards (which they refuse to accept). However, despite being anchored in a clear mission and strong values, a lack of transparency caused both managers and regular staff to miss opportunities to improve, and reach even higher levels of performance.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Gtmhub

Photon CEO Bruno Ahualli had identified OKRs as a possible management framework to apply to enable the company to deliver sustained growth and performance without having to give up the close knit, startup feel that had driven their early growth and success. Crucially, OKRs would deliver transparency, and alignment to get everyone moving in the same direction and supporting the company's mission and goals.

As a fast-moving digital brand, Bruno understood the value of technology to deliver accelerated returns on investment. Searching for 'OKRs' online, Bruno came across a company called Gtmhub and signed up to their Software as a Service tool for setting and managing OKRs.

One of the main reasons Bruno was attracted to Gtmhub was the data-driven DNA of Gtmhub's implementation. The company provides access to more than 100 data sources and business systems to create, track and visualize key performance indicators, which in turn can be linked to OKRs, to dynamically update in real-time. Along with more data and insights powering OKRs, the company plans to roll out OKRs to more teams and individuals over the coming months to get the entire team humming and performing at the highest level.

Alignment Boost, Transparency, Clarity

Following his initial signup, Bruno engaged easily with the team at Gtmhub, and was impressed with the lightweight and attractive user interface, as well as the 'over the top' customer service, all delivered via live chat and phone calls. Following implementation, Photon group is benefiting from a companywide 'alignment boost', aided by the transparency OKRs, easily accessible via Gtmhub. With this newfound clarity comes the ability to redirect people and resources to drive performance dynamically.

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