Maths Pathway and Gtmhub

Driven by a passion for improving the futures of young people the world over, Richard co-founded Maths Pathway while still a teacher. He now steers the organisation in pursuit of a world in which everyone knows and enjoys maths.

Richard Wilson
Maths Pathway
Richard Wilson

Would you give me a quick overview of your company?

Maths Pathway is a holistic Learning and Teaching Model that leverages technology to enable teachers to target each student’s point of need, and allows them to focus on practices that have the greatest impact on student learning. The model is currently available for Year 5 – Year 10 students, and has proven success in a broad range of school contexts, more than doubling the maths outcomes of students.

Why were OKRs introduced?

Maths Pathway has been growing rapidly since our inception, and part of that growth has involved a significant increase in team size and the complexity of the work we do. We were looking for ways to ensure that we are always focused on doing the right work at the right time, and that we are communicating our goals with each other across the organisation.

How would you describe your process prior to using Gtmhub?

We implemented a basic OKR process using Google Sheets, and a weekly KR check-in process, mostly modeled on the publicly available information on how Google has conducted their OKRs (with some adaptations for our context).

What made you choose Gtmhub over our competitors?

Gtmhub was the only tool we could find that was laser-focused on effective OKR completion. Every other tool tries to do too much (other HR tasks, employee 'engagement', gamification, social networking, etc). We needed a tool that allowed us to automate and scale our existing process without creating unnecessary overhead for our people.

What problem does Gtmhub solve for you?

It makes the process of tracking and checking-in multiple OKRs much easier as we scale (compared to doing it in Google Sheets).

Would you share some details about how your team adopted OKRs and Gtmhub?

We think it was important to do OKRs for a year using a more manual process first, so that the team got used to the idea, and how it impacted their work and planning. After that, it was very simple for the team to adjust to using Gtmhub in a very similar way. The system is intuitive, and support is very responsive (even building a few features we really needed).

Maths Pathway

How long does it take a new team member to get up to speed with Gtmhub?

About 10 minutes!

Which is the most useful aspect of the product? Why?

The ability to bulk check-in OKRs. We do OKR updates every week, and this makes it very easy and simple.

What is the one thing we should never stop doing?

Being incredibly responsive on support and developing new/improved features to support your customers.

What is your advice for other teams or companies who are using/adopting OKRs?

Focus on getting the process right before you invest in using a tool. That will help iron out any change-related issues in your organisation.

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