BaseKit and Gtmhub

From a starting team of three, BaseKit has grown into a thriving company of almost fifty team members, plus our investors. We firmly believe that every team member is essential; every single one of them has been – and continues to be – instrumental in making the company what it is today.

Simon Best

Why were OKRs introduced?

To provide clarity across the business on our objectives and to empower our teams to creatively drive us towards these goals

How would you describe your process prior to using Gtmhub?

Prior to using Gtmhub teams could find themselves working in silos unsure of the wider company goals or the direction and alignment of other teams around them.

What made you choose Gtmhub?

After a product demonstration from Bo we felt that Gtmhub was the powerful yet lightweight tool we needed to help us roll out and drive our new OKR process.

What problem does Gtmhub solve for you?

Gtmhub gives us the clarity and structure across the entire business to ensure everybody understands what the company is trying to achieve and how all of the teams and individuals are able to contribute to this every day they come into the office.

What impact Gtmhub had on your productivity and work culture?

Gtmhub has further encouraged our culture of openness and highlighted in new ways how many of the teams are striving to achieve common goals. Due to this teams are collaborating more effectively and unlocking further creativity. It has also given managers a simple and effective reporting structure to demonstrate progress in a meaningful and understood way across the business.

What are the top 3 things Gtmhub has helped you do better?

  • It has helped us to better define our company objectives and our team objectives in a  way that's clear and understood with success criteria clearly identified.
  • It has forced us to communicate these goals to the entire business, explaining why they're important and how they're relevant to all teams and individuals
  • It has driven better staff engagement and empowerment by providing clear direction without killing creativity and answering that "What's it all about?" question.

How long does it take a new team member to get up to speed with Gtmhub?

Hardly any time at all, the tool is really intuitive and as long as you understand the OKR framework it's very straightforward to get started.

Which is the most useful aspect of the product? Why?

Mapping out the alignment from company, to team to individual objectives in a way that's really clear and obvious.

What is the one thing we should never stop doing?


What is your advice for other teams or companies who are using/adopting OKRs?

Follow the core principals of the OKR framework but keep an open mind, there may be some things you need to adapt for OKRs to work effectively with your business. Be prepared for change, look to continuously improve your OKR process and make sure you share your lessons learned with the rest of the company. Lastly, enjoy the journey as well as the results!

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