When timing matters: Time framed KRs

Sometimes just setting a goal and metrics, an objective and key results it’s not enough. Sometimes timing matters – especially if your OKRs implementation is flavored with a pinch of project management. So, here come the “Time framed KRs”. 

A common example of use of this feature is the software  product release . Here are some sample objectives we would set:

  • John has to deliver the core product
    • 20 stories in JIRA should be closed
  • Maria has to make sure that the product is stable for initial release
    • The products needs test coverage of 50%
  • Gerald should promote the release
    • He should engage 20 beta users
    • Get at least 40 press releases out

You see why it is important all of this to be completed in specific order. And here is how this looks like in Gtmhub: