Welcome Bo, our new Chief Revenue Officer

I’ve got acquainted with Bo Pedersen through a mutual contact at about the time we’ve started Gtmhub. Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Bo and we’ve discussed many aspects of Gtmhub’s value proposition and go-to-market approaches.

It was immediately clear to me that we should find a way of working with Bo. He is a systems thinker, who appreciates not only our immediate product and value proposition, but also understands how Gtmhub has long term potential to disrupt several huge industries in adjacent areas.

Bo has valuable experience in the expected functional areas, has incredible networks of connections across customers, partners, and investors, and so of course we expect him to perform. But what really makes the difference in a startup environment is that Bo understands the startup experience 100%, because he has lived it, both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. In the pressure cooker of an early-stage startup, this is invaluable.

So, I am incredibly pleased to announce that Bo is joining us as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for shepherding us through to product-market fit, validating our business model, and ultimately building a world-class go to market team, scaling the business to reach its full potential over the years to come. Bo will be based in London.

Gtmhub pivoted and relaunched May 19th this year, and since then, with Bo’s assistance, we have acquired and onboarded new customers, established a clear value proposition to enable and deliver superior business performance for our customers through the successful implementation of the OKR performance management method.

Bo, welcome to Gtmhub.

Living the dream.



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Allen Manville

Good luck Bo – I hope it is the meeting of a top class professional with a great opportunity.
Wishing you every success.

Bo Pedersen

Thanks Allen, appreciate the support