Welcome Alexandra, our new Head of Growth

Gtmhub team is growing yet again. It is my great pleasure to welcome Alexandra Galin as our new Head of Growth.

As Gtmhub keeps growing, we have come to the point where we need an experienced person to manage it and take Gtmhub to the next level. And there could hardly be anyone better suited for this role than Alex.


Alexandra Galin, Head of Growth, Gtmhub

Alexandra Galin, Head of Growth, Gtmhub


Alex brings a tremendous amount of skills and experience. Starting from her educational background, as an alumnus of Yale and Cambridge, all the way through her career in data and financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, finally with her entrepreneurial experience.

Alex will be located in our Berlin office and both geographically and metaphorically sit between our engineering and sales operations in Sofia and London. In her capacity of Head of Growth, Alex will continue driving our philosophy that growth comes from successful and happy customers.

Welcome, Alex!