Updated Conversations, Announcements, and Badges

One of the pillars of OKRs and the Gtmhub Platform is Transparency. We believe the more information a company gives about the key priorities and progress towards these goals, the more this helps align and engage employees. To help provide more context and transparency around OKRs, we are updating a few sections of our product and making it easier to collaborate and share information.


Conversations help you schedule upcoming meetings and provide an avenue to continue the conversation offline after the meeting has ended. We’ve now made conversations easier to use with a new navigation and interface and more powerful with:

  • Updated Permissions: Conversations now have an option to be made Public, which means everyone in the account would be able to view the conversation. You can still invite specific employees to the conversations, which allows them to participate in the meeting.
  • Notification Controls: When you update a conversation, you now have multiple options on how to notify your team.


Badges allow you to recognize others in your organization who are going above and beyond their job description. This encouragement helps engage employees and encourage others to mirror that type of behavior.

We’ve made it easier to award badges. Now, you can award the same badge to multiple Teams/Employees at the same time, making it easier to recognize groups of people simultaneously. Also, a Team/Employee can now be awarded the same badge multiple times for different reasons, ensuring that their ongoing hard work continue to be recognized.


Announcements help you disseminate information to all employees, ensuring important information is seen by all. We’ve made a few changes making it easier to navigate the interface. You can now edit your own Announcements and you can filter by Author, Type, and Date Range at the same time. You can learn more about Announcements here .

We are always looking for feedback! Log into your Gtmhub account and let us know what you think about these updates!