Tie Zoho CRM metrics with performance in minutes

We have just released a new preset for Gtmhub which allows users to connect to Zoho CRM and extract key metrics in matter of minutes.

This preset comes with 8 built in insights.


Zoho CRM lead sources

This insight allows you to see how well different lead sources perform and use these metrics in conjunction with Gtmhub goals.


Zoho CRM stages

This insights allows you to see the breakdown of your sales pipeline and consequently to use these metrics to drive the size and shape of your pipeline through Gtmhub goals.


Zoho CRM open potentials

This insight, is a different view on your pipeline and shows some summary values, as well as distribution of your pipeline by probabilities. As with all other Gtmhub insights, any of the metrics in this insight can be used as metrics for Gtmhub goals.


Zoho CRM bookings

This insight provides you with probably one of the most important metrics of all – bookings. Bookings can be used as another metric when defining the goals in Gtmhub.


Zoho CRM lost potentials

This insights shows you how much your pipeline is leaking. Minimize it by turning it into actionable insight through Gtmhub goals.


Zoho CRM lead source contribution to sales

See what gives you the biggest bang for the buck and then act on it by integrating it in your action plan through Gtmhub goals.


Zoho CRM top 5 accounts

An informative insight which shows you who pays your salary.


Zoho CRM open potentials as bubble

A visual insight which gives you a glance at your pipeline, taking in account size of the opportunity, probability and age.


The best part?

The best thing about Zoho CRM preset is that you can get all these insights in no time at all.