Inline editing: Working with your OKRs got even simpler

As we keep adding clients, the amount of data we can gather on how people use Gtmhub keeps increasing. One thing we keep a keen eye on is how people work with OKRs on a day-to-day basis. One of the most used buttons in Gtmhub is the Edit objective and after we analyzed it, we’ve realized we can remove that step in most of the scenarios – making Gtmhub even more fluid.

With the latest release, we’ve introduced inline editing of objectives. In short, you don’t have to switch to edit mode anymore, you can just click on the value you want to change.


Inline editing for OKRs
Inline editing for OKRs


The long time users of Gtmhub may notice one other small tweak. Namely, we’ve broken the OKR screen in three distinct parts:

  • Key results
  • Objective
  • Activity

This was influenced mostly by the introduction of custom fields and we’ve started to notice that on some occasions (depending on the number of custom fields) things would get a bit cluttered and confusing.

New objective screen
New objective screen


The first screen is key results – where most of you spend majority of the time. In the second screen, objective, you will find all the information regarding the objective, such as alignment, owner or confidence level. Finally, the third screen – activity – represents the entire history of the objective and everything that ever happened to it.

We hope you enjoy this new simplification.


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