Sharing your OKRs data as a PDF

The right format

Hey, Bill! How’s your business trip? Wait, you should see these numbers. I am sending you the latest report right now.   

The new normal. An ordinary situation in today’s business world. Before the 1990s, sharing documents was a bit problematic – the file format was often affected. Enter PDF. 

With fixed formatting, Adobe’s PDF files have become one of the most popular document formats. PDF is now everywhere. eBooks, CVs, invoices, eTickets, user manuals, contracts and business reports, to name just a few. The list is endless. But why do we use it so much? Especially in the business world? 

PDF reports

PDF is widely used when dealing with business reports of any kind. Why?

  • Small size  – PDF compresses documents without compromising their quality. Hence, PDF reports can be easily shared back and forth via email and let you save on storage space.  Especially advantageous for companies that have gone paperless and must manage large amounts of data daily.
  • Fixed format  – Ubiquitous and here-to-stay format. Available on all operating systems – how convenient! Unlike formats that have come and gone, the globally accepted PDF will pass the test of time.
  • Limited access  – PDF provides security by offering password protection for documents containing sensitive information. What happens in the PDF file… well, you know how this one goes.
  • All-kinds-of-content-friendliness –  You can embed various types of content – from images, videos and animations to hyperlinks. Your reports are not only informative, but also aesthetically pleasing.

PDF reports have come to be essential for businesses regardless of size and industry. And we get that.

Gtmhub marries PDF

If goal attainment is an aspect of your business that needs comprehensive reporting, then we’re on the same page. What helps with your long-term strategy and goal progress are our Insights (plus Dynamic Key Results ). OKRs and Insights go together like bows and arrows – ready to “shoot” you to success. As Gtmhub integrates with over 150 systems, users can create custom insights, slice and dice data, visualize it within Insightboards and then, examine it before making any important decisions.

And now you can not only analyze your data and get answers from it immediately, but also export your Insightboard and turn into a business report. What’s more, this also applies to  our useful Performance & Process reports

Exporting Gtmhub Insights and reports to PDFs  

Visualizing your team’s performance and exporting the relevant OKRs data to a PDF file provides several benefits. Here are the top 3:  

1.  Easily  share important data with others  

Due to the small size and fixed format of the OKRs report in PDF, you can quickly distribute it and discuss it with your teammates. You can send it via email, share it in the conversation thread of your favorite collaboration platform or even print it and bring it to a meeting. Possibilities are numerous. 

You will effortlessly gain clarity over your goal progress, foster transparency and improve team collaboration. In just 3 steps – export save  and  send/print . Imagine that you bring the Insightboards of every organizational department (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.) to an executive meeting – how easy it would be to coordinate, draw conclusions and make strategic plans. Remember – real progress happens when every step you take is data-driven!

2.  Keep records   

That’s right. You can download and safely store all your weekly, monthly or quarterly OKRs accomplishments. Even the annual ones. You can safekeep them all either in the cloud or offline. Data storage is a key factor for the success of every business. 

What if you want to check and compare this year’s goal progress of your team to last year’s? OKRs data storage will help you make long-term plans and see the big picture. This has never been easier than with PDF – compact and doesn’t take much space. 

3.  Capture the data at a ny  given point in time  

Take a visually alluring snapshot of your OKRs attainment and overall business health status at any given moment. Knowing where you stand with your team results is the best place to start when preparing to address challenges and improve.

Hubspot Insights exported to PDF

Go to our online knowledge base to see how to export your Insightboards Performance Process reports to PDFs. 

Coming next  

We are expanding on our reporting capabilities by adding more reports and making you even more insightful and data informed. Moreover, we will further enhance our Insights. See more details in our Q2 roadmap