Gtmhub Q3 2020 Product Roadmap

We called Q2 2020 Gtmhub: Exponential Edition . We have successfully delivered 47 significant releases in Q2. Among the valuable changes are Onboarding Checklist , Services by our partners in the Marketplace and Custom Team Avatars.

In Q3 2020 Roadmap we will continue delivering what matters to you. Here are our main areas of focus:

1. KRs – automatically updated based on your and you team’s progress

Create a KR, set a target and hit the magic button. That’s all it takes to make your KPIs progress based on data incoming from your connected data sources.

2. KPIs – In sync with all that’s going on in your organization

Create a KRI and again – our magic button will be there to help you! All your KPIs will be updated from your connected systems. Say “goodbye” to manual updates and errors. Focus on the right systems at the right time.

3. Better Home Screen view

Home Screen should be the place where with one glance you can find everything that’s important to you – tasks that are due; your OKR for the session; how you and everyone else is progressing. The best part – you will also be able to add your updates or create an OKR. All from Home!

4. Slack shortcuts to preview OKRs

No need to remember and write commands in Slack to preview your OKRs – we’ll introduce two shortcuts in the menu so that you can open them in no time.

5. Lists of Objectives

Our lists will save you tons of time and allow to filter everything you need to know about your organization’s OKRs. Wondering who hasn’t created an Objective or who hasn’t updated their KRs in the past weeks? In lists you’ll see all that data.

6. Export Lists

We’ll enable you to export lists so that you can easily share them with anyone!

7. ‘Access reports and data source filters’ permission

We know that security matters to you. So, we keep enriching the permissions! You’ll able to enable or disable the view of reports and custom filters for a specific role.

8. Experiments section in the platform navigation

You’ll be able to participate in the beta test of our experiments! Your feedback will be shaping up the product! Because your needs are at the center of what we do here at Gtmhub.

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