July 25, 2017
We have just released a one-click integration with Slack. For teams using Slack, the integration brings all the important updates from Gtmhub into a dedicated channel on Slack.
July 24, 2017
We have just released a highly requested feature in Gtmhub – the ability to format text in OKRs. From now on, you can format any text in the long format, including the custom fields, using markdown format. Quick example Let me show you a quick example of formatting objective description. When saved, the description of
July 11, 2017
There are occasions when one needs to share the progress on OKRs outside of Gtmhub. It could be a meeting in a conference room, email to an investor or another stakeholder. To assist our users with this use case, we’ve introduced the ability to export OKRs to Excel (or spreadsheet format, to be more precise).
July 3, 2017
Gtmhub is an OKR software which connects to over 100 applications and data stores, such as JIRA, Salesforce or MySQL. We use this data to automatically track and update key results – such as a number of open bugs or average deal size. In this article, we will introduce a new tool, which helps you
June 29, 2017
Increase revenue. That is by far the most popular objective on our trial accounts. And, can you blame people. It is raison d’être for having a business. Yes, yes… make the world better place, impact – I know. But, it’s so much easier to make the world a better place when one is a billionaire.
June 28, 2017
Yesterday, we’ve announced the new JIRA integration for Gtmhub. Today, we are very happy to announce 42 ready to use metrics for Salesforce. With this new integration, Gtmhub customers are able to set key results against live metrics coming from Gtmhub. The benefit for users is that OKRs using Salesforce connector don’t need to be
June 27, 2017
Today we have released 32 built-in JIRA metrics which you can use with your OKRs. What makes Gtmhub special is the ability to dynamically connect to over 100 business systems and collect and update your key results – automatically and in real time.
I’d love to tell you that getting the right OKRs software, such as Gtmhub, is the most important thing to ensure successful adoption of OKRs – alas it is not so. Based on hundreds of conversations we had with prospects, customers and businesses using OKRs – we have isolated one, very much offline, practice that
June 26, 2017
OKRs are all the rage among the startups these days. There is a lot of resources on what OKRs are and how to use them. While OKRs, as a concept, seem pretty straightforward – introducing them in an organization can be tricky.
June 23, 2017
Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that, after ten years, Facebook is changing its mission statement. The old mission statement “Make the world more open and connected.” has been changed to Bring the world closer together.
June 22, 2017
OKRs are getting more popular by the day. We can see this both in the number of companies that contact us to help them adopt OKRs, as well as in the exploding number of tools that help companies drive performance through OKRs. We often hear people suggesting companies to start “simple” with post-it notes or
June 17, 2017
The other day I came across this post on Spotify’s HR blog: Why individual OKRs don’t work for us. It’s an interesting read, especially when it comes from a company as successful as Spotify. It’s a short read and I highly recommend that you read it, but here are some of the parts I found
June 14, 2017
When a team or company adopts OKRs, establishing a role of OKR champion is one of the most important things that needs to happen. In short, the role of this person is to make sure that team is successful with OKRs.
June 8, 2017
As we keep adding clients, the amount of data we can gather on how people use Gtmhub keeps increasing. One thing we keep a keen eye on is how people work with OKRs on a day-to-day basis. One of the most used buttons in Gtmhub is the Edit objective and after we analyzed it, we’ve
June 6, 2017
Objective is what we want to accomplish. Key result is how we measure success. Today, in Gtmhub we introduce Tasks – what will we do about it. Tasks are a new type of custom field that can be defined for OKRs. In this post, we’ll show how to set up tasks and how to use
June 5, 2017
When a team introduces OKRs, one thing that happens very quickly is a full information overload. Transparency is great, but even teams of medium size will quickly generate 40-50 objectives and over 100 key results. While it is relatively simple to find out what Joe from HR is doing, having a quick view of the information
June 2, 2017
Not every team that decides to implement OKRs will succeed in doing so. We, at Gtmhub – just as other vendors – will give advice and point out solutions, but the fact is that OKRs are not a right fit for every team. In this post we will share what we’ve learned over the years working
June 1, 2017
OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a methodology used by fast growing companies to drive performance across the organization. By setting clear objectives and measurable key results, organizations that employ OKRs typically execute better than their peers (read how Sears created an experiment, where a group that used OKRs increased their sales by 8.5%). OKRs
May 30, 2017
The latest updates to Gtmhub bring improvements to the activity feeds. First, from now on every time someone posts a comment, owner of the objective will receive an email notification. This also applies to employees and teams; for example, if you leave feedback for a colleague, she will be notified as soon as comment has been
May 18, 2017
  “Let’s do it!” – probably the most dangerous sentence one can hear in a startup.