October 19, 2017
Often, teams will have similar OKRs between quarters. A team may pursue same objectives for 2-3 quarters in a row and the only thing that changes is the KRs (key results). At Gtmhub, we are providing the world’s simplest software for adopting and managing OKRs. To live up to this promise, often it comes down
October 13, 2017
The point of setting goals is to achieve them. When companies decide to implement OKRs, it is because they want to achieve meaningful objectives at a scale.
October 11, 2017
Chargebee is a very popular SaaS billing service. Chargebee provides you with everything to manage subscriptions, recurring payments, invoicing and everything else related to SaaS billing. Today, we have released a connector for Chargebee which allows you to create OKRs which are linked to live KPIs coming from Chargebee. Use cases OKRs related to business
October 10, 2017
Bottom Line Organizations will achieve the greatest overall performance boost by taking a holistic approach to Insights, Goals, and Effort. Insights keep you on top of what matters Goals define direction and alignment Priority Tasks link Goals to Effort to increase the likelihood of success Insight without appropriate action is a wasted opportunity. Gtmhub is
October 6, 2017
We have just released a new connector for Freshdesk, a popular customer support software and ticketing system. Similar, to our existing connector for ZenDesk, FreshDesk connector can be used to attach live KPIs, such as number of open tickets, average response time or number of high priority tickets to an objective in Gtmhub. Use case
October 5, 2017
Many of the Gtmhub users are developers. Often, when just starting out with OKRs, teams wonder how OKRs work with agile. Here is the way we think about it: Objective: What we want to achieve? Key results: How are we going to measure success? Tasks: What are we going to do about it? Task is
What is MRR? MRR or Monthly Recurring Revenue is a KPI specific for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses. In SaaS business model, customers pay regular (typically monthly) subscription for a software, as opposed buying it at once. MRR may seem deceptively simple as a KPI, but there are many nuances to it that we
September 25, 2017
As I am writing this post in Berlin, at the SAP.io by Techstars AI focused accelerator, there are dozens of people around me working very diligently to make you unemployed. If you are working in customer support, the brilliant team from Finland is hard at work to make you obsolete. Perhaps, you are in product
September 20, 2017
Objectives & Key Results are taking over the world. Everyone from two people startups all the way to Fortune 50 companies is using OKRs. The way that people go about managing OKRs is also very diverse. Some people use post-it notes, others are using spreadsheets, yet others are building custom tools. Ultimately, whatever works –
September 18, 2017
Part of Gtmhub team made Berlin its new home until the end of the year. If you a Berlin-based and would like to: learn about OKRs discuss OKRs see how Gtmhub connects your KPIs and business systems with OKRs in real-time feel free to visit us at our office at Mindspace | Krausenstraße 9. We can
September 15, 2017
Gtmhub can keep track of your key results automatically, by pulling data from hundreds of different systems such as SalesForce or JIRA. Often, however, people need to deal with “small data”, which may not have a dedicated system for managing it. Typically, this is where Excel or Google Sheets kick in. In this blog post,
September 13, 2017
Berlin, Germany. We’re pleased to announce that we have joined the SAP.io Foundry powered by Techstars Accelerator in Berlin. We joined because we identified a fundamental alignment of values and vision, complemented by several short term opportunities to create additional value by integrating with SAP products and APIs. Values We believe in the power of
September 4, 2017
We have introduced a new powerful feature for dynamic key results in Gtmhub – dynamic filters. So far, Gtmhub supported filters such as date range, list of options and so on. The problem, however, was that you had to predefine the values of these filters. With new dynamic filters, you can use any data source
August 24, 2017
Bottom Line: To be successful with OKRs, ask three questions:  What do we want to achieve? How are we going to measure success? What are we going to do to make progress?
August 3, 2017
Today we have released a new feature aimed at helping larger organizations fight information overload: subscriptions. Many of our clients have hundreds or even thousands OKRs in any given planning session. To help them keep their sanity, we have introduced a new feature which allows them to subscribe to any changes on objectives, teams or
Just a few days after we’ve released Slack integration, today we are releasing a new integration for Workplace by Facebook!
July 28, 2017
OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. It’s a goal management methodology, especially well suited for ambitious, high-growth companies. This post is a tutorial of sorts, which includes both the theory as well as tips from actual companies that have implemented OKRs.
July 25, 2017
We have just released a one-click integration with Slack. For teams using Slack, the integration brings all the important updates from Gtmhub into a dedicated channel on Slack.
July 24, 2017
We have just released a highly requested feature in Gtmhub – the ability to format text in OKRs. From now on, you can format any text in the long format, including the custom fields, using markdown format. Quick example Let me show you a quick example of formatting objective description. When saved, the description of
July 11, 2017
There are occasions when one needs to share the progress on OKRs outside of Gtmhub. It could be a meeting in a conference room, email to an investor or another stakeholder. To assist our users with this use case, we’ve introduced the ability to export OKRs to Excel (or spreadsheet format, to be more precise).