December 20, 2018
We’re happy to announce these updates to Gtmhub!  The Hub  We created a Hub for you. We want all our users to know what they need to do next. Need to update your Key Result? Want to add a note so you can keep your team in the loop? We’ll have it in your Hub.
December 1, 2018
Gtmhub helps companies align teams around what matters most. Most often, our customers use Objective and Key Results (OKRs) to define what needs to be achieved, and how to measure progress. But OKRs are means to an end.
October 31, 2018
Following on yesterday’s news of Al Rey joining Gtmhub, it is with great pleasure that we are announcing today that Shawn Azman is joining Gtmhub. Shawn’s analytical skills, ability to quickly grasp complex problems, digest them into workable chunks and provide solutions to those are unparalleled. Shawn is joining us from a very successful episode
It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Al Rey will be joining Gtmhub as a Chief Sales Officer, North America. Al is a specialist in scaling Sales and Customer Success organizations of companies that have found product / market fit. Al is joining after remarkable journey at Leanplum, a wildly successful San
At Gtmhub, we’ve been doing OKRs for over 3 years now (duh!). We help a lot of our customers with advice and experience – so, one would think that we never struggle with OKRs. And, one would be wrong. The struggle is the point Today during our weekly OKRs retrospective meeting we started a discussion
October 22, 2018
In this blog series, we will be looking at the potential return on investment from implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Across 5 articles we will look a how the different characteristics of OKRs drive return on investment (ROI). In this second article, we will review how measurement drives performance.
October 3, 2018
One of the reasons I am so grateful to work at Gtmhub is that we get to work with some of the best organisations, doing amazing things, performing at the highest level. However, even the best organisations struggle. In a recent engagement with a large, publicly traded company, we identified the following key challenges: Prioritisation. When
September 24, 2018
In this blog series, we will be looking at the potential return on investment from implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Across 5 articles we will look a how the different characteristics of OKRs drive return on investment (ROI). In this first article, we will review how stretch goals drive performance.
September 21, 2018
OKRs are a proven system to enhance organizational efficiency and performance but for individuals, the matrix is more complex. Should OKRs be used to incentivize individuals? How can you do this effectively, and without compromising performance?
The world welcomed more Unicorns recently. A Unicorn is a privately owned company with a valuation in excess of $1B. Most of them have one thing in common. A not so secret ingredient.
It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Jenny Herald will be joining Gtmhub as a Chief Product Officer. An exceptional story Jenny has a unique career, which started in the US Air Force and US Navy subsequently. Though her background is in finance and operations, she has found her true calling in
September 20, 2018
In order to provide even better customer service, today we have launched a brand new Gtmhub Public Issue Tracker. What’s in it for you? With the new Gtmhub Public Issue Tracker you can: Submit new feature suggestions Suggest improvements Report bugs and Request technical assistance While all of this was possible always, you can now
August 17, 2018
For the past 3 years, we have been building Gtmhub, helping organisations large and small to align around inspiring objectives, take massive action and deliver measurable results. During this time, “large and small” has meant “mostly small”. But slowly and surely, things have changed. We ran some numbers on the past 30 days of inbound
Until today, all Gtmhub customer data was located in our EU data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Over the past six months, North America has become the single largest market for Gtmhub. To offer better performance, comply with various regulations of both public companies and government sector, we have decided to launch a new data center
August 15, 2018
To help organizations improve employee experience and drive performance, we have released several new features in Gtmhub. In this post, I will focus on the new Feedback module, which allows for a quick, agile and light way to get and request feedback from colleagues. What can you do with the new Feedback module? Gtmhub supports
August 10, 2018
Having spent most of my professional life leading Human Resources teams with global investment banks, consultancies and technology companies – and many smaller, fast-growth tech SMEs around the world – I’ve honestly struggled to end every day with my head held high. I remember sitting around the table with these powerful creatures who had reached
August 8, 2018
Are you paying attention to your fail factors? There has been a lot of attention on the idea of North Star metrics, measuring what matters, and other ways of tracking and driving performance improvements across all areas and all levels of the organisation. The corollary of identifying such performance metrics, or success criteria, is that
August 6, 2018
This is a guest blog from Jeff Gothelf, Author: Lean UX and Sense & Respond. You can follow Jeff’s blog, follow Jeff on Twitter, or visit his website. So you’ve made the leap to Objectives and Key Results. Congratulations. And you did it right. You wrote qualitative objectives that were aspirational and inspirational. They’re aligned
August 2, 2018
Every organisation we work with strives to perform better every day. They are on missions to change the world for the better, in their own unique ways. The people who work there are smart, and resourceful. But the world does not serve up any free meals. Read on to find out what makes a winning organisation.
July 16, 2018
Recent top headlines on CNBC: “Dow falls more than 150 points after US unveils new tariffs on Chinese goods” “European markets lower on trade war concerns (FTSE -1.08%, DAX -1.47%, CAC -1.30%)” “How Trump’s NATO summit and Putin meeting could shape the future of the West” “Facebook faces UK fine of around $660,000 after data