November 17, 2016
  This series focuses on first hand accounts, anecdotes from the dark days before OKRs. They are necessarily anonymized, and however much like episodes from the Twilight Zone they might sound, we assure you they are all ungarnished, true stories. Indeed, if you would like to submit your own story for publishing on our Blog, I
November 15, 2016
At Gtmhub, we are big believers in OKRs. Shocking, I know. In this post, I am going to write about our experiences in implementing OKRs, what went well and where we made mistakes.
November 6, 2016
The characters of Silicon Valley, the TV show and the actual Silicon Valley, love to position themselves as part of the solution to most of world’s problems. On-demand recyclable throw-away cutlery delivery service? We’re saving the world, one elitist dinner party at the time. Self-driving hot dog carts? We’re saving the world, one drunk, hungry
November 1, 2016
Measuring the usability and the overall user experience wasn’t very popular for many years, mostly because it requires a lot of resources – suitable facility, time, evaluators etc. Fortunately in the last few years the interest in the usability tests even with the small vendors increased. There are now online services that would do the
October 27, 2016
My eldest daughter is in Year 2 at primary school in the UK, and has had experience of public speaking on a few occasions. I have an event coming up where it looks like I’ll have to speak in front of 100+ people. I haven’t done that in a long time. I decided to ask
October 11, 2016
Let’s break it down. OKR (oh-kay-ah) stands for Objectives and Key Results. D-OKR stands for Data Driven Objectives and Key Results – or D-OKR (Pronounced doe’kah).
September 14, 2016
Moore’s Law, named after the Co-Founder of Intel Corporation, describes an observable, exponential increase in microprocessor power over time. In this article we argue that far from a fundamental law of the universe, in reality Moore’s Law provides a masterclass in defining a mission statement for an Objectives and Key Results led company from one of the
September 12, 2016
Should your company adopt Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)? Is a purpose-led workforce with the latitude for real decision-making really important? Or do you suspect it’s an attractive sounding path to much chaos without effect? Or perhaps, could it really be the key to moving the needle? To answer these questions let us first explore two schools
September 2, 2016
Bottom Line: The goal of delivering real-time insights capable of supporting the decision making process at every level of the organisation, from the intern to the CEO, remains out of reach. Request a demo today to see how Gtmhub enables blended analytics to democratise insights, and power decision making at every level of your organisation.
In this article we’ll review three of the most common organisational structures, team-based, matrixed, and hierarchical, and discuss how each type of organisation affects the implementation of Objectives and Key Results.
August 16, 2016
Bottom Line: OKRs – a route to mastery, autonomy and purpose, and happy and motivated employees. Daniel Pink’s 2009 book, Drive, turned our understanding of what motivates people upside down. In this article we take a look at how OKRs can help employees achieve mastery, autonomy and purpose, and ultimately greater motivation and happiness.
July 25, 2016
In this article, we take a look at the history of computing and propose that the next phase will be driven by customer demand for performance as a service, rather than Apps, or Software as a Service. We also take a look at the concept of performance management, including a brief overview of a performance
July 18, 2016
I’ve got acquainted with Bo Pedersen through mutual contact at about time we’ve started Gtmhub. Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Bo and we’ve discussed many aspects of Gtmhub’s value proposition and go to market approaches.
July 14, 2016
Bottom line In order to stand a greater chance of success, take a fresh look at your vision and mission before embarking on an implementation of OKRs. Only then focus on getting into a quarterly rhythm of setting and managing Objectives, measured by Key Results.
June 15, 2016
Gtmhub allows users to create custom insights. In a nutshell, with custom insights you can slice and dice all the data in Gtmhub and then visualize it within Gtmhub insightboards. You can learn how to make new insights in our documentation. Today, however, we released a big improvement that helps you make stunning insights even
June 10, 2016
We have just released a new preset for Gtmhub which allows users to connect to Zoho CRM and extract key metrics in matter of minutes. This preset comes with 8 built in insights.
June 3, 2016
In this post we are going to explore how business can frictionlessly implement OKRs across the organization. As always, any new process or way of doing things, is bound to face resistance and pushback. That’s is human nature. And rightly so. Most of the times, introducing a new process means more bureaucracy and paperwork for
May 30, 2016
One of the initial  (maybe the first?) very fundamental ideas behind the Gtmhub platform was to provide easy way to get valuable insights from all of the business systems across the company by sourcing, cleaning and matching the data. While this may sound vague or too general I want to stress on “all business systems”.
May 27, 2016
I woke up this morning and saw the hot just-implemented connector for Zoho CRM, so I decided not to miss the chance to create the first widget with it.
May 25, 2016
Objectives and Key Metrics, or short OKRs, are a popular method for laying out a vision, defining strategy and tracking the progress of a business. Originally, this technique was invented at Intel. Some of the prominent companies using OKRs are Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zynga…