Creating stunning insights just got a whole lot easier

Gtmhub allows users to create custom insights. In a nutshell, with custom insights you can slice and dice all the data in Gtmhub and then visualize it within Gtmhub insightboards. You can learn how to make new insights in our documentation.

Today, however, we released a big improvement that helps you make stunning insights even if HTML is not your thing. We have added the view templates and snippets to help you create great looking insights.


View templates

We have noticed that most of the insights our customers need and use follow certain patterns. To make this simple, we’ve added those patterns directly in the application.


Insight view templates

Insight view templates


With this feature, you can generate 7 types of insights with one click. These insight templates are:

  • Super simple
  • Two values
  • Summary
  • Breakdown into two parts
  • Contribution table
  • Simple table
  • and Colored widget

Depending on how much information your insight should contain, you can choose any of these.


Snippets are small pieces of functionality that you can use within your insights. To simplify creation of more advanced functionality, we’ve added following snippets which can be installed it one click.

Insight snippets
  • Title
  • Subtle text
  • Metric
  • Badge
  • Simple progress bar
  • Bubble chart
  • 3D Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Full grid system
  • Transforming boxes

Going forward

This is the first iteration of a larger effort to make creation of custom insights a delight. In the next iteration, due to be released in coming weeks – we’ll be adding interactive snippets for algorithms and typeahead functionality.

We hope you enjoy it!